Committee Members Profile

Drs. Anne & Fred Richards, Co-Chairs

Subcommittee: Community & Regional Events
(Jennie Coker & Tracy Stallings assisting)

Focus:  Downtown Celebration / community service activities / Thanksgiving project

Anne says:
" I wanted to have some part in celebrating and honoring the extraordinary and inspiring record of how this institution came into being and flourished over the past 100 years. I thought the Centennial would provide myriad opportunities for recognizing the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of students, faculty, staff, alumni and of the surrounding community in shaping the development of UWG through its first century. I believe a milestone celebration of this sort can foster a greater sense of community on campus while serving as a source of inspiration for the years ahead. I wanted to help make this possibility a reality."

Fred says:
"I'm the kind of guy who wouldn't turn down an invitation to a year-long party celebrating an outstanding university and the people whose dedicated service has made it the great institution it is. I wanted to be a part of the effort to tell this extraordinary story, of a small rural
school struggling to survive in the early 1900s and becoming a great institution known for its service to local communities, its innovative programs, and its global reach. Hopefully, I can bring to this centennial event the kind of energy and spirit that will inspire others to join the

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