About the Logo & Theme

The Logo

The logo for UWG’s Centennial Celebration was chosen by the steering committee to provide visual identity for centennial events throughout the year. Searching for a logo that best illustrated the centennial theme, From Rural Roots to Global Reach: Celebrating a Century of Success, the committee selected a design by alumnus Matthew Clay, director of education technology at UWG.

“The logo was designed to embody the 100 year celebration of this great institution,” explained Clay. “The legs represent the rural roots on which the institution was founded and the arms signify our goal of reaching for higher knowledge.” The head illustrates UWG’s global presence.

Additionally, Clay said the red and blue celebrate UWG’s school colors while the chartreuse green represents a new generational color while acknowledging UWG’s beginning as an agricultural and mechanical school.

Merchandise bearing the centennial logo is available from the UWG Campus Bookstore.

The Theme

The centennial theme, From Rural Roots to Global Reach: Celebrating a Century of Success, was suggested to the Centennial Celebration Steering Committee by the UWG Association of Retired Faculty and Staff.

The committee selected the theme because it met the following criteria:

captured signature aspects of the institution’s history and its future;

provided direction for highlighting portions of its past and celebrating its promise and potential;

summarized dimensions of the institution’s identity/existence through time — from early beginnings and struggles to later successes and challenges;

distinguished UWG from other institutions celebrating centennials.

The theme was approved by the General University Matters Committee of the Faculty Senate and by the Presidents Advisory Council.